How to Control Apple Vision Pro with Voice?

How to Control Apple Vision Pro with Voice?

One of the Accessibility features for Apple’s Apple Vision Pro technology allows users to trigger many actions by making simple sounds. So, how can you control Apple Vision Pro with your voice?

Apple’s Vision Pro technology is primarily controlled by looking at something and tapping with your head or index finger. Users can also expand this by incorporating a trackpad or keyboard, but such tools aren’t very practical considering the size and weight of it. This is where voice control comes in handy, enabling users to perform many tasks and actions more quickly. So, how do you control Apple Vision Pro with your voice?

Can you control Apple Vision Pro by voice?

An Accessibility feature called Sound Actions allows users to trigger different features and even run some shortcuts in visionOS. Currently, it offers 14 sounds that users can make to trigger a variety of actions.

For example, while you can access the Control Center by looking up, you might not want to lose your focus at that moment and prefer an easier way to access the Control Center. This is where the Sound Actions feature comes in handy; for instance, you can simply say “ooo” to open the Control Center.

Apple Vision Pro voice control

How to Set Up Sound Actions on Apple Vision Pro?

To enable and set up Sound Actions on it, you need to go directly to the Sound Actions menu.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Under the Physical and Motor menu, select Interaction
  4. Select Sound Actions and then choose a sound to assign an action

Apple even provides a practice section at the top of the menu for users to try making the sounds. When you select a sound in the practice section, the system plays an example, and when you successfully make the sound, the sound’s light turns on.


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