Best Weight Loss Apps: Achieve Your Goals with Android

Best Weight Loss Apps: Achieve Your Goals with Android

Start your weight loss journey with the most accurate diet plan and calorie tracking on Android. Lets discover the best weight loss apps together !

Struggling with being overweight? Does losing weight healthily and permanently seem like a distant dream? If your answer is yes, you aren’t alone! Many people need support on their weight loss journey. Luckily, there are many useful diet apps for Android that can help you.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best weight loss apps for Android. These apps can help you track calories, create healthy meal plans, find motivation and monitor your weight loss progress.

Choosing the right diet app depends on your personal needs and goals. Some apps are simple and easy to use, while others have more advanced features.

What should a best Weight Loss App include:

  • User-friendly interface: The app should be easy to use and understand.
  • Extensive food database: The app should have a wide food database that covers most of the foods you eat.
  • Macro-nutrient tracking: The app should allow you to track macro-nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Personalized plans: The app should be able to create personalized plans based on factors like your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level.
  • Motivation and support: The app should provide motivation and support through rewards and incentives for achievements, as well as features like a community forum or chat functionality.
Best Weight Loss Apps

Taking these factors into account, we have listed some of the best weight loss apps for Android:

  1. FatSecret Calorie Counter: A simple and user-friendly app for finding nutrition information, planning meals, and tracking your calorie intake.
  2. Calorie Counter by Lose It!: A comprehensive app used for finding nutrition information by scanning foods, tracking weight, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits.
  3. Lifesum: A popular app offering various features for nutrition tracking, meal planning, exercise tracking, and achieving healthy lifestyle goals.
  4. MyFitnessPal: A highly popular app with many features including weight control, nutrition tracking, exercise monitoring, and developing healthy lifestyle habits.
  5. Fooducate: An app that helps evaluate the quality of foods and make healthier choices. It includes features like calorie tracking and nutrition analysis.
  6. Calorie Tracker & Food Tracker: An app designed for healthy eating and staying fit. It includes features like diet plans, meal tracking, macro tracking, and step counting.
  7. MyNetDiary: An app for nutrition tracking, monitoring health data, and helping users achieve healthy lifestyle goals; it has a wide food database and fitness tracking features.
  8. Total Keto Diet: Low Carb App: An app specially designed for those who want to follow the ketogenic diet; it offers keto recipes, macro tracking, and ad-free free usage.

Best Weight Loss Apps for Healthy Living: Nutrition and Diet Support

A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, but finding the balance between the two can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the help of technology, there are many Android diet and nutrition apps that simplify this process. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the best Android apps to help you develop healthy eating habits. These apps can help you track your food and drink intake, find healthy recipes and even track your exercise routines. So you can choose an app that will help you achieve and maintain your healthy lifestyle goals.

1. FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret Calorie Counter is a comprehensive mobile app for finding nutrition information, planning meals, tracking exercises, and managing weight. It features a simpler interface compared to similar apps, making it user-friendly. The app includes a diet diary to record your food intake and burned calories.

Moreover, you can easily view the nutritional values of foods with its barcode scanner feature. It offers additional features such as a weight tracker, diet calendar, and a reference guide to finding healthy options in restaurants. The app also comes with a widget for accessing recipe ideas when needed.

Basic usage of FatSecret Calorie Counter is free, with an optional subscription offering additional features. Users can also easily log in with their Facebook or Google accounts. This app provides a comprehensive toolset to help you achieve and maintain your healthy lifestyle goals.

2.Calorie Counter by Lose It!

Calorie Counter by Lose It! is one of the most popular calorie counting applications available. is one of the top weight-loss apps on the planet that makes your trip to a great body entertaining and efficient. It has a huge food database that allows customized diet plans for your needs and a barcode scanner for scanning and logging foods easily.

When you buy the premium version, it comes with additional features and content. This app is not only a weight loss app. It is also a synchronizing app that helps you to reach your health and fitness goals by syncing with various hardware and other fitness apps. It is able to incorporate devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone, as well as to receive data from various platforms like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and Google Fit. Through this, users will be able to pull together and keep track of all their health and fitness information in a single app.

In addition to its clear and simple to use interface, this application has a lot of features to suit everyone. offers a personalized experience. This app is entire package which you require to support your healthy lifestyle and to meet your goals.


Lifesum is a complete mobile app for you to enjoy and adopt healthy eating habits! The app has an extensive list of features like meal plans, food diary, macro calculator, nutrition tracker, calorie counter. It shows healthy recipes, and they all can be accessed under one roof.

Lifesum’s popularity is not only due to the vast amount of features, but the user interface is also user-friendly. The app gives you the ability to develop your diet plan, scan barcodes to calculate calories, follow your progress, access healthy recipes, and get advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Integration with the most popular fitness apps like Google Fit and S Health makes it simple for users to have all their health data in one place. It has a well-designed and user-friendly interface, which makes exploring the app a breeze for its users.

Undoubtedly, the subscription charges of the app are slightly higher as compared to others, but the free version is also available. LifeSum is a holistic nutrition and health app that assists you to accomplish and keep the healthy lifestyle objectives.

Best Weight Loss Apps


MyFitnessPal, being the diet and nutrition app, stands above others and deserves its popularity. There are more than 50 million downloads from the Play Store and an average of 4 stars. 4, it has received recognition from users as a global phenomenon. The app has a great database with more than five million foods that provides you with the necessary nutrition information. Furthermore, with the site’s full synchronization feature, users can also log calories on any other platform.

MyFitnessPal, for example, has a great deal of exercises in it, more than 350, and they are all divided into cardio and strength training. This allows the users to meet their fitness and nutrition objectives by giving them the necessary information.

The app is a perfect fit for individuals who are seeking to have a healthy life. It provides a user-centered interface for nutrition and fitness tracking as well as its functionality is extended to encompass all needs with its all-encompassing feature set. MyFitnessPal is still a faithful companion to those seeking to improve their health.


Fooducate primarily offers features found in other diet and weight loss apps, such as calorie counting, tracking weight loss, and monitoring exercise. However, what sets Fooducate apart is its ability to not only track calorie quantity but also help analyze the quality of consumed calories.

This approach assists in transitioning to a healthier diet and evaluating calorie intake in a way that leads to more weight loss. The app boasts a product database of over 250,000 items, enabling users to make healthy choices while shopping.

While Fooducate offers free features, it also provides optional add-ons or a subscription for access to all features. Additionally, there’s an option for a one-time payment for lifetime membership. The app also features a community forum where users can share their experiences.

6.CalorieTracker & Food Tracker

Calorie Tracker & Food Tracker is perhaps a lesser-known but quite impressive app. It allows you to track your weight, diet, weight loss, and even some basic macro tracking. It also offers features like meal planning, diet plans, macro calculator, and water tracker.

This app is more budget-friendly compared to others in this category, with many sections being free. Users can access essential functions without excessive complexity. However, it’s noted that the app may need additional polish and development to stand out more and enhance the user experience.

Calorie Tracker & Food Tracker provides a simple and user-friendly tool to help users achieve their healthy living goals. While designed to meet basic needs, it may require further development and attention to truly unlock its potential.


MyNetDiary, as one of the best nutrition and diet apps, has rightly earned its reputation. Users can quickly monitor their intake since the database contains at least 600,000 food items. The eating habits of users can be improved as a result.

One of its main functions is a basic fitness tracker, and it can be used with the Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Garmin devices. In addition to tracking calories and exercise, the MyNetDiary also provides a means of monitoring health data that includes blood sugar, heart rate, A1C, and cholesterol.

MyNetDiary is a friendly and convenient app that is available on the web so that users can access it from their desktop or laptop computers. It thus provides a seamless experience of data syncing between any device or platform of their choice.

MyNetDiary is a comprehensive nutrition and health tool that is equiped with everything users need to achieve their health and fitness goals.

8.Total Keto Diet

Total Keto Diet App is a widely known name among ketogenic diet apps. The app consists of hundreds of keto recipes, a macro tracker, an impressive food database with hundreds of thousands of foods, an integrated shopping list, and more.

In contrast to other ketogenic diet apps, Total Keto Diet only shows the targeted keto diet and takes away all other details. This means that the user will not be bombarded with tools and recipes which may not be of their interest or they do not require.

The app is 100% free and supported by advertising, thus guaranteeing that the users are not disturbed via their experience. Total Keto Diet is the perfect resource for those who wish to follow a ketogenic diet and helps to achieve and maintain their healthy lifestyle goals.


Each app has its unique features and advantages, but they are all designed to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals. Remember, the most important thing is to find the app that works best for you and use it regularly. With the convenience and support provided by mobile apps, Android users can now reach their health and fitness goals more easily and effectively.


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