5 Reasons for Phone Addiction

5 Reasons for Phone Addiction

Research shows that the fear of being without digital devices, also known as “nomophobia” affects more than 90% of us. People generally hesitate to go anywhere without their phones or to a place where their phones do not have coverage. So, what are the factors that contribute to this habit? Let’s examine reasons behind phone addiction together.

1.Endless Content Flow

Starting with a simple ‘let me check what’s going on in my digital space,’ can lead to getting lost in content. Other news, posts, and intriguing videos automatically appear as you scroll to keep you engaged. Without waiting for more to load, you may easily lose track of time. You might find yourself unable to look away from the screen due to the astonishing algorithms that ensure what you see is similar to the content you’ve previously interacted with.


There are approximately seven billion smartphones worldwide, accounting for about 85% of the global population of 8 billion. Given the various functions that a smartphone can perform, it’s not surprising that they are so popular. With a plethora of apps on the market, this handheld device can simplify daily life, alleviate stress, and keep you connected. It can even simulate a romantic relationship using artificial intelligence!

Mobile games can entertain you during long train journeys and lonely nights by solving puzzles and earning points. The list is endless, and therein lies the problem. Why wouldn’t we want to use these empowering tools to stay fit, build stronger connections, and make those long, challenging journeys more enjoyable? With the average person spending over three hours a day on their smartphone, our app usage may be going beyond what is truly beneficial.

3.Instant Gratification

You’re probably familiar with the joy you feel when something you share on the internet receives a lot of “likes” and “comments” from your followers. This feeling encourages you to want more. This social approval triggers the reward system in the brain by releasing dopamine, reinforcing certain behaviors within a complex network.Of course, another reason that pushes you towards phone addiction during this process.

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Another reason causing phone addiction is escape from something.Whether binge-watching the latest series back-to-back or getting lost in photos of your favorite holiday destination, it’s undeniable that smart devices offer an exciting portal to escape daily stress. Escaping into these activities can help you shed the negativity of the day, trigger more dopamine release, and make your escape even easier. While this may be beneficial or even necessary for some to unwind and relieve stress, reaching a point where you miss out on real-life excitement, struggle to concentrate, and become less productive may require you to reassess your situation.

Unhealthy attachment to technology can lead to neglecting personal safety and privacy, engaging in risky online behaviors. If you’re tired and having trouble focusing, you may be more prone to clicking without thinking when a convincing yet malicious message lands in your inbox or oversharing on your preferred social media platforms. You might also lower your guard in other situations, such as using free Wi-Fi networks without taking proper precautions or being more inclined to use the same passwords across multiple online accounts. The same applies to downloading a suspicious app.

5.Non-stop notifications

Are you not using your running tracker for a while? Don’t worry, your app will notify you of your rival’s latest record in the morning run. When this notification appears on your device, you’ll want to explore it further. Then, to avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you’ll return to the app later to track and compare your own run. While notifications can encourage healthy habits to some extent, in other cases, such as opening a notification indicating that your friend has posted a new Instagram story, it can bring you back to that dopamine feedback loop of browsing content for hours.


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